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Follow the Tapestry.

04th of July 2017
We are embroidering every week on the new tapestry, 10 meters with the saga of Erik den Røde and Leif den Lykkelige. Even during the summer vacation period we meet and embroider and have started well. We challenge ourselves with new fresh colors and thinner wool yarns. We try new stitches and use patchwork fabrics, where there are surfaces that are suitable for it. We embroider on the fabric and see how it fits into the embroidery. We use two-color yarns to blend together to get new colors. We experiment and are each other's hard critics. Exciting and we look forward to the colorful project.

15th  of september 2016.
The inagauration for our ending to the Bayeux Tapestry. Historian Lise Bertelsen opened the exhibition.

25th june 2016.
The last stitch at our ending to the Bayeux Tapestry was taken at the Vikingmarked Lindholm Høje june 25. 2016.
The ending is going to be displayd in its own showcase at Børglum Abbey and rhen it will be a part of the Bayeux Tapestry exhibition.

19th and 20th february
The Nationale Historical Museum at Frederiksborg Castle has this month a special exhibition with there their own painted Bayeux Tapestry.

At this ocasion the Bayeuxgroup is invited. We will be embroidering and showing our ending to the Bayeuxtapestry. Our visit lasted two days and it was an enjoyable experience with many visitors. We met grat interest and many questions from the visitors.

14th of november 2015.

Six month has gone after the inauguration of the exhibition at Børglum Abbey.The exhibition has many visitors and it is highly praised and discussed.
Just as we have thought the tapestry is visited by many forreigh tourists.

The Bayeuxgroup often visit the tapestry an we enjoy the wiev the fine result and the exellent wiev of the hole exhibition in the exellent 1. floorroom.
The Bayeuxgroup is working every thuesday evening embroidering on our own ending to the Bayeux Tapestry. Our ending will be 3.1 meter long. Read about it  here..

Again we are invited to join a exhibition at the Frederiksborh Castle. THey are having an exhibition of there painted Bayeux Tapestry in Februar month and we will contribute embroidering at our ending februar the 19. and the 20.

We will show and tell about our interpretation to our ending while we work on the project.
Two years ago we also joined there exhibition, where we embroidered at the cypy af the Bayeux Tapestry. There were incredibly many visitors, who showed great interest in our work. We are hoping to see many visitors again an look very much forward to visit Frederiksborg Castle again.


01th of May 2015

It is now the 1st of May 2015 and the Bayeux tapestry is mounted in 4 exhibition cases at the permanent exhibition at Børglum Kloster. There is a grand opening for invited guests the 7th of May and from the 8th of May there is access for the public in the opening hours of Børglum Kloster. Visit the exhibition and see for yourself the good result. You can see photos from the exhibition in our photo album here.

29th of May 2014

We have decided to send this press release:

Come and take a look when the embroiderers make the last stitch on the Danish copy of the Bayeux tapestry.

The embroiderers will now make the last stiches on the Danish copy of the 70 meter long Bayeux tapestry, telling the story about the battle at Hastings in 1066. The making of the 70 meters has taken 14 ½ years.

The last stiches will be made at The Viking Market at Lindholm Høje Saturday the 29th of June 2014.

At the same time the embroiderers will begin embroidering a new piece of tapestry three meters long. This piece is made as the embroiderers’ proposal of how the missing piece of the Bayeux Tapestry could have looked like.

Come and hear the embroiderers tell about what considerations they had during the making the tapestry and see the embroiderers make stiches in the new piece (which is already completely drawn out by hand).

About the Danish copy:

We started on the 4th of January at 7 pm in the year 2000 and has continued in weekly evening meetings ever since. We have also shown the tapestry and have been embroidering at the annual Viking Market which is arranged by Vikingegruppen Lindholm Høje, who also paid for the expenses for linen and yarn for the tapestry.

At several events at schools, high schools, seminars, unions, castles and manors, latest at Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, the embroiderers have shown stiches, embroidered and told the exciting story of the Tapestry.

We have applied for funding and at the moment we still need Dkr. 400.000 in order to have the Bayeux tapestry beautifully mounted and exhibited at Børglum Kloster.

12th of June 2013

How far are we and what do we have left to do?

After about 17.000 hours working on the copy of the Bayeux tapestry, we have come a long way and we are now filling in the motifs on the last 3-4 meters. We have checked part three for errors and missing stiches and we are about to fix it. Afterwards we will go through part one and two for errors.

When we all are present on an embroidering evening, we cannot all find a place to work on the tapestry. Therefore we divide us into groups so that some work at the tapestry and others correct the errors and missing stiches.

We have now agreed that the tapestry will be displayed at Børglum Kloster in three showcases. That will give us much more work to do. The Tapestry shall be divided into three parts. It means that we have to cut the tapestry so it fits the room and some parts shall be sewed together and we have to embroider over the seams.

The tapestry shall be mounted in showcases with velcro hanging. We will sew the velcro on the tapestry ourselves, so there is sewing enough for all embroiderers over the summer.

Regarding establishing an exhibition we are now so far ahead that we can begin to apply for funds. We have made an application and a budget. We hope to obtain funds in order to establish an exhibition at Børglum Kloster. Børglum Kloster has provided us with the room – quite freely - in the newly renovated Welcome and Visitors Center.

We would like to accept donations for this purpose and we hope that everyone will be able to experience the pleasure of looking at the Bayeux tapestry when exhibited at Børglum Kloster.

15th of January 2013

We have been sewing contours around almost all motifs. There is still some filling out to do with Bayeux stiches on the last 5 meters.

There is still two pieces that need to be sewn together, and the linen also needs to be sewn together. We shall draw motifs over the sewing and afterwards motifs shall be embroidered over it.

Finally we need to check the whole tapestry for errors.

At our meeting on the 15th of January we decided to proceed as described earlier. We work every Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm and those who can will also work Friday from 10 am-noon. One time a month we work Saturday or Sunday from 10 am-15 pm.

We cannot say when we will be finished, but we are guessing that we will also have to work over the summer 2013.

16th of November 2012

How far are we?

The Bayeux tapestry just now: In the safe-deposit box we have 2 rolls of finished tapestry. That is part 1 and part 2, which are sewn together into one piece 36 meters long. And it has embroidery over the seams. The second roll in the safe-deposit box is part 3 and it is 18 meters long.

Part 4, the last part of the Bayeux tapestry, is about 16 meters long. Here on part 4 all the motifs are drawn and we are embroidering on the last 5 meters. We have to make contour stiches around all motifs and then at last we will make the filling with Bayeux stiches. We will do the contour stiches at first in order to avoid the pencil drawing to disappear. In the last few days we have sped up our work and we have all agreed not to schedule any appointments on Tuesdays.

We also meet up to work Thursday or Friday every week. As contours are made around the motifs, we can be more flexible regarding how we work.

There will be less space for 9 embroiderers on the last meters.

In the near future, we need to sew together the two rolls in the safe-deposit box and make embroidery over the seams. That will keep a couple of embroiderers quite busy for a while.

The Tapestry shall be carefully examined for errors. This task will also take some time.

We will consider the status of the tapestry at new year’s 2012/2013 and see how far we have managed to come and then we will make plans for the last stiches after that.


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