Inga Dybvad

ingaInga Dybvad:
Inga Dybvad was born in Viborg 1926 and died 2007.lnga had her education as a dressmaker in Viborg.
Inga sewed and designed all her clothes herself, made hats, bags and jewels. Inga was well known in the environment of Aalborg and in its centers of activity. She worked in silver, horn and bone as well as with textile, knitting and felting.
Inga took from the beginning part in the wiking group Und Holm Høje, and as she was competent to study the old workmanships, she was an appreciated wiking, who taught the old methods to the other wikings.
When the big project the Bayeux tapestry was started in 2000, She and Birgit Højberg went out together to buy fabric and yarn, and the embroidering could start the 4. Of January 2000.
The wiking market has always been the event of the year for Inga. Here she together with the other members of the wiking group could meet wikings form all over the North and exchange experiences about the old workmanships. Although she in 2007 was weakened by illness, she insisted in taking part, both days in the Bayeux tent.
Inga died the 18. Of July 2007.