Litterature list

Literature list:


Trilogy by Lars-Henrik Olsen:

The Dwarf from Normandie

Escaping the convent

The king’s death

A long journey by Lars-Henrik Olsen

A plot in the tapestry by Adrien Goetz

The Moonbird by Lars Bo

The Bastard by Niels Peter Juel Larsen

Special literature:

Bayeux-tapestry and the battle ar the grey appletree (1976(i.e.1978)) by Mogens Rud: (Placed: 76.46)

When England was concurred (1974) (Historic sources) (Placed: 93.2)

The Bayeux Tapestry (1973) by C. H. Gibbs-Smith (Placed 76.46

The Bayeux Tapestry (1957) (Placed 76.4)

The Bayeux-tapestry and the battle at Hastings 1066 (2011) by Mogens Rud (Placed 76,46

Ælfgyva and other puzzles in The Bayeux-Tapestry (1999) by Mogens Rud (Placed 76.46)

Hastings (1993) by Philip Sauvin (Historic battle)(Placed 93.1

Hastings (1996) by Peter Poyntz Wright (Great battles) (Placed 93.1)

Mont-Saint-Michel – a convent in Normandie (1991) by Enzo Caramaschi (Classic trips, France) (Place 71.827)

The Bayeux Tapestry by David Wilson

News from National Museum 2005-2006 The Bayeuxtapestry – an embroidered cronichle from Viking Age.

La Tapisserie de Bayeux – a reproduction 1/7

The Bayeux Tapestry Embroiderer’s Story by Jan Messent

The Normans The Pitkin guide The Battle of Hastings

English Heritage William the Conqueror and the battle of Hastings. Pitkin Guides

Parafrase over the Bayeux Tapestry by Susanne Thea (Art)

New tapestries inspired from the Bayeuxtapestry:

Pilgrim tapestry

Hærvejs tapestry

Elsinor tapestry

The Overlord Embroidery D-Day Portsmouth

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