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Erik den røde.

We are embroidering every week on the new tapestry, 10 meters with the saga of Erik den Røde and Leif den Lykkelige. Even during the summer vacation period we meet and embroider and have started well. We challenge ourselves with new fresh colors and thinner wool yarns. We try new stitches and use patchwork fabrics, where there are surfaces that are suitable for it. We embroider on the fabric and see how it fits into the embroidery. We use two-color yarns to blend together to get new colors. We experiment and are each other's hard critics. Exciting and we look forward to the colorful project.

Inauguration for our ending.

The Inauguration for our ending of the Bayeux Tapestry the 15. of september 2016.

Image source: Jonas Møller Jensen.

Showcase for the ending

The showcase for the ending are completed the 12. of september 2016.

The Viking of the year 2015

The Bayeuxgroup recieved at the ”Grundlovsdag” june 5th. The title ”Viking of the year 2015” from Nørresundby Samråd. Anny Svendsen got the price on behalf of the group.

Inauguration May 7th. 2015

The permanent exhibition was opened May 7th. With meny guests.

The showcases are having glass fronts.

The showcases are having glass fronts.

Presentations showcase beeing set up.

The tapestry is applied in the showcases.

Finishing the showcases and the tapestry is going into the showcases.

The tapestry is divided in 4 pieces.

The dividing of the tapestry is going on in the exhibition room at Børglum Kloster.

The work with the showcases has begun.


Last stitch

The last stitch was taken June 28th. 2014 15.15 p.m. 2014

Image-source: Jonas Møller Jensen






Visit at Frederiksborg Slot

Our visit at Frederiksborg Slot January 10-11th. 2014
Image-source: Thomas Lyngby


The Tapestry

Pictures from the tapestry.



The last 5 meters are drawing with a lightbox.

   The anual baking day


The anual baking day, where we bake 1000 bread after an old recipe.

The bread are sold at the Viking Marked and the sale is through out years helping sponsoring our project.







Visit at Sæbygård August 23th. 2008








































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